The importance of student motivation

This blog post is part of the #chemedcarnival theme “What education research has most influenced your practice?“ “I would have liked more practice of exam questions” “I feel like I wasn’t simply trying to get a good mark” Whenever I encounter educational research which shows what works (or doesn’t work), observe how students are learning … More The importance of student motivation

Variety in Chemsitry Education Physics Higher Education 2017 poster

This year’s Variety in Chemistry Education Physics Higher Education Conference (VICEPHEC) conference was held at the University of York. I presented some of the results of the group’s active learning project as part of the poster session on Friday. I’ve posted copy of presentation is here for anyone who would like to have a look.

How do I help students in the lab? – part 2

In my previous blog about how I help students in the lab, I explained that I have been keeping a record of the questions that students have been asking me over the last academic year during laboratory practical classes. The most interesting type of questions were those that I categorised as helping students make decisions, … More How do I help students in the lab? – part 2

Methods in Chemistry Education Research 2017 (#MICER17)

As well as teaching chemistry, I am charged with the task to find ways of improving the quality of our teaching, but how am I supposed to go about doing this? Where do I start? How do I know if my changes have actually improved students’ knowledge and skills? Answering these questions has changed my … More Methods in Chemistry Education Research 2017 (#MICER17)

USEF Award for Nimesh!

Nimesh has been awarded a full University Student Education Fellowship 2016-17 from the University of Leeds. The fellowship is awarded by the University to recognise and award excellence in student education. The award includes £15,000 funding to develop a project in teaching and learning that aligns with the University’s strategic priorities for student education. More … More USEF Award for Nimesh!

Teaching Enhancement Project Funded by LITE

Nimesh has been awarded a prestigious Teaching Enhancement Project by the newly established Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE) for a project titled ”A strategy to enhance conceptual understanding using active learning”. The project includes funding from LITE (£3,000) and the School of Chemistry (£1,600) and 02. FTE to enhance student education using active learning. … More Teaching Enhancement Project Funded by LITE